Thursday, November 18, 2004


Remember that great moment at the end of Animal Farm, when the pigs are walking on two legs, with riding cops in their hands, and the rest of the animals have figured out that their new masters are indistinguishable from their old masters?

Ok, that's what happened yesteray in Congress, when the GOP changed the rules to protect one of their own.

Good news: Does this mean Newt's "Republican Revolution" is finally over?


Bronco Buddha said...

OK. So Potomac Fever strikes people on both sides of the aisle. No news there. If that wasn't the case, you likely would not see deficits as large today as they are. Yes, it makes me ill. And the filibuster rule should not be changed because it ensures that the voice of the minority is heard. However, I think it's reasonable to change the rules so as to prevent the use of the filibuster for judicial nominees. Force them to give an up or down vote after the nominee has cleared Committee. Even Pat Leahy said (around 1998) that he would never use a filibuster to squash a judicial appointment. Oh well. Hypocrisy exists throughout DC.
Besides, the Bush nominees are the only way to cure our country from the scourge of an activist judiciary.

DovBear said...

"So Potomac Fever strikes people on both sides of the aisle."

An argument against self-rightousness? An argument in favor of compromise? Yes, I'd say.