Monday, November 15, 2004


I don't like traffic. I don't like billionaires. I don't like the Olympics, and I certainly don't like the Arafat-green wearing New York Jets. I've also started to sour on Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York, who took a poorly aimed shot at the Knicks yesterday

So it should not surprise you that I also oppose the West Side Stadium, the billion-dollar cathedral Bloomberg and Patacki, the governer, are building for their close personal friend and wonderful fundraiser, Jets-owner Woody Johnson.

As of this moment every last bit of my political muscle is behind Cablevision/MSG's effort to stop the stadium, bring down the administration of Michael Bloomberg, and to get the Jets some stylish duds.

I expect big things to start happening. Now.

Related story: Feed the Billionaire, Starve the Students By Bob Herbert, for the New York Times. Herbert writes:
The state and the city are responsible for financing the city's grossly underfinanced schools and they fight like gamecocks over who should pay for what. But they are in the most harmonious agreement that the estimable Woody should get the hundreds of millions that he wants for his stadium. It couldn't be because he's greased so many palms, could it? I personally think this entire project is a scandal, a wholesale giveaway of tremendous public assets to an incredibly wealthy private interest. In the old days somebody would have called the sheriff. But you don't hear much about bribery or quid-pro-criminal-quos anymore because the rascals have figured out how to make it legal.
Right on, brother.

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