Monday, November 15, 2004


The plan is to deliver the best links of the day as collected from around the non-Jewish blogosphere. We'll see if I keep that promise.

We knew that: A reader sends an email: James Carville has no shame. Well, yes, thanks for that surprise, but this time the proof is on video. Perhaps next time he'll put his underwear on his head, and run around screaming "look at me" Same difference.

Powerful Men and Their Mystery Bulges: Ladies I am sorry to do this, but it would be unfair to the men if I suppressed these photos. Honor among bloggers and all. It's in the code. So be warned: If your skin is sensitive do not click. But please, folkds, don't be too prudish. I promise you've all seen worse at the mikva. Now then, let's settle this once and for all: Who's the bigger man: Kerryor Chenny?

Which, reminds me of a joke. Kerry and Chenny were on a bridge when nature called. The two men dropped trou and commenced relivieng their bladders. "Wow, " Chenney said, "That water is cold." Answered Kerry, "And deep!"

Oh dear, what will we tell the children? Another value-drunk conservative Christian has been caught with her hand in the till I'm not surprised. Are you? After all, the highest murder rate in the nation is still in the Bible Belt. Highest divorce rate in the nation? You guessed it. The South reigns again. Tsk. tsk. They simply have no values outside of the good old blue states.

Wanted: New Script Steady progress in Iraq, promises the president, but have you noticed every week he gives the exact same radio address maybe Prez just replays the tape, and is off listening to Rush like the rest of us?

Department of 1 + 1 = 2: And so on. This might be news in New Mexico, though. The whole place has 750,000 voters. so why haven't they finished counting the votes yet? Not to brag, but [my home state] finished weeks ago.


Jack Steiner said...


It is Cheney. Check the headline.

Anonymous said...

Or as his wife calls him: Big Dick Cheney.

I hate spelling. Have you noticed?