Tuesday, November 23, 2004


See this is what happens when Jews go wild. The police get involved, your name ends up on somebody's stupid blog, and all of a sudden the Kosher Palette cookbook isn't the most noteworthy thing about your school. (Note to scolds: Once it appears in a newspaper it is not loshon harah.)

JFK Reloaded a new video game cum physics experiment promises 100K to anyone who can recreate Lee Harvey Oswald's lucky three shots. Getting killed two day's later, on live TV by a Jewish mobster is optional.

What is kabbalah? We have no idea but some raggesy newspaper in Toronto thinks it does. And again, I am reminded that the misnagdim, pace Yehupy, were right when that argued that Kabbalah and the masses were a bad mix. By the way, we have not heard from Yehupy in days. We hope he didn't end up like Burry Katz.

Promiscuous Simcha is still saying hello to every new blogger under the sun. We want ours.

Unconfirmed rumor: Did chikkimunkee play Yoko to Bronstein's Lennon and precipitate the breakup of Protocols who, like the Beatles, were another good band? Curious minds are rapidly spreading this story to anyone who will listen.

And up in Syracuse, where the snow has started to fall, and the minds have started to melt, Otto the Orange, mascot for the SU athletic teams, will be given a bar mitzvah.

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