Wednesday, November 17, 2004


And I, too, consider fresh opportunties

Now that the guy who makes the yummy gin has announced that he's stepping down from the New York Times, I think Bill Safire should be replaced by Andrew Sullivan. What's that you say? David Brooks replaced Safire years ago? Good point.

I also think the guy who writes JewSchool should move over so Luke can get a promotion, leaving his seat at Protocols open for a smart, sarcastic, yet sweet-smelling blogger who's just about to outgrow this fishpond.

Oh, and if Sarah's arm falls off, I'm up for her gig, too.

UPDATE: MoChassid called to offer me the chance to bid on the next MoChassid franchise. Apparently Mo's making a boatload of money off that Fosterboy person and the other guy, you know, the one on the bike. But I don't think I can afford it.

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