Thursday, November 18, 2004


I've decided to be happy about the election of George W. Bush. Why? No, not because of the InstaPundit link that will surely follow my change of heart. But, because the New York Times says that worldwide resentment over his election might keep the Olympics out of New York City.

All politics are local. Let Bush destroy the world. To hell and beyond with the mess in Iraq, the transparent cabinet machinations civil rights, and all the rest. So long as the Bush backlash keeps the traffic in NYC down, and that UFO-landing pad of a stadium from being built, I'm okay.

But, a Lindsey Lohan-inspired run of hits via Google-searches would be swell, too.

SIDENOTE: I once saw a rat the size of a small car near the site of the proposed stadium. Even now, the West Side is a delightfully seedy neighborhood, the sort of place where no Starbucks is within eyesight, and the streetlamps aren't decorated with wreaths at holiday time.

UPDATE: Ladbrokes odds of New York getting the Olympics: a scant 13/1
Ladbrokes odds of Mayor Bloomberg taking the news gracefully: 3/1


Anonymous said...

When are you going to get a Blogroll? Maybe others would link to you if you linked to others. Just a thought.

DovBear said...

How does blogroll work?

And I link most of the free world in my posts, as regular readers know.

Anonymous said...

1) Go to
2) Add links to Blogroll on the site
3) Copy the one line of HTML code that the site gives you
4) Paste it into Blogger in the Edit Template Section - you will need to go down to the code where it says Sidebar.

Sorry I could not be more specific - I am not a computer nerd. I only know enough to do this myself.

DovBear said...

Thanks. How does blogroll know who I want included, though.

And give yourself a psudonym so I know you if I see you again.

Anonymous said...

You go to the screen in Blogrolling that says "Mission Control" and then click on the "Add Link" section. You have to add links one at a time. If you have any more questions please e-mail me an e-mail at: