Sunday, July 31, 2005

The right likes to cheat

Attempting to prove that the Washington Post lacks the integrity and independence of, say, a really stellar house organ like the FOX network, SoccerDad cherrypicks a process article about SCOTUS nominee John Roberts ("Democrats Say Nominee Will Be Hard to Defeat") and, representing it as a profile, compares it unfavorably with the real profiles the Post published about Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsberg back when they were nominated.

Conveniently, in his rush to show us how unreliable the Post is, SoccerDad omitted to mention the Post's actual profile of Roberts, a fawning article titled: "Nominee Excelled as an Advocate Before Court: Roberts Is Noted For His Preparation And Persuasiveness."

In his comment section, after being challenged by yours truly, SD attempts to explain away the sleight of hand saying, "I can't imagine an adversarial "process" article written about a Democratic nominee."

Which is bizarre. Because the process article about Roberts he cited ("Democrats Say Nominee Will Be Hard to Defeat") was anything but adversarial.