Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Conversation with My Husband

Here is a conversation that took place just an hour ago.

Husband: Um Shifra, I forgot to tell you, but two days ago, when I went to heat up some french fries, the oven wouldn't turn on.

Shifra: *tests the oven herself, checks pilot* What?! Did you call a repair man?

Husband: No

Shifra: And you didn't tell me?!

Husband: Um... no

Shifra: These things need to be taken care of right away! If you weren't going to do anything about it you should have at least TOLD me... and now it's Thursday night! I have not even started cooking for Shabbos and now I can't possibly cook anything.... hey.... wait a minute...*Smiles*

Husband: Way ahead of you Shif! *Smiles back*

The End

This message was brought to you by the kosher takeout and excellent excuses commission.


AbleVaybel said...

Ah, at least you live in a place with kosher take-out shabbes options. Ours are visit by someone else!

Shifra said...

Yes, I am lucky.

I grew up in a place with no restaurants or take-out. We kashered our own meat in the basement etc...

At least I appreciate how easy I've got it now.

and so it shall be... said...

"e kashered our own meat in the basement etc..."

please tell me someone else killed it first.

Shifra said...

Oh yes. There was shechetah just no one to do the processing thereafter...

Zoe Strickman said...

The Shabbos takeout meals have been some of my best.

blueenclave said...

The oven works just fine. The problem is my husband is afraid of the ants.
I want to go to the store!
I want to go to the store!
We have good shiitake mushrooms at home!

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