Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ADDeRabbi : "ArtScroll is canonizing stupidity."

Snap... :)

True story: When playing the boardgame Taboo, a good many years ago, I pulled the word "crutch."

"ArtScroll Gemarah" was the clue I gave my partner and he guessed my meaning instantly.

Unfortunately, as ADDeRabbi makes clear in his scathing review of the new Siddur for Woman, ArtScroll, today is more than a crutch. In their recent publications, they've lazily papered over real disagreements, making it seem like all poskim are in agreement on, what are in fact, disputed points.

The Gedolim, you'll recall, played the same game with Slifkin.

What's behind this spreading timidity, this intelectual dishonesty, this maddening fear of controversy, this closing of the Jewish mind?