Monday, July 18, 2005

Speaking of pathetic and boring... I was just below, in reference to Horrible Heshy, I read HP 6 over the weekend and I can say with confidence that JK is mailing it in. This was the billionaire’s thinnest and laziest effort so far. There’s a complete absence of interesting subplots, and we aren’t told much new about the Wiarding World. In fact, most of the book is spent inside Dumbelrdore's pensieve. The best thing about the book is we’re finally shown a Slytherin who isn’t altogether evil, and the question of Snape and his loyalties appears to have been answered – though, for those reading carefully one, not insignificant, mystery remains.

Oh and someone dies, but, that event, on first analyses, is either an old cliché or an even older narrative trick. So no points to JK here.

I won’t spoil the rest for those who read slowly, so I’ll close my comments with this: It sucked. Really.