Friday, July 29, 2005

On Amshinover

His side: Click

My side:

1 - It isn't "censorship" when a private person makes an affirmative choice about standards. A newspaper doesn't have to publish everything, and neither do I. All of you who are using the word "censorship" to describe the choices I have made about content for my own blog, are misusing the term.

2 - Amshi isn't permanently banned from the comment section. He was given a one-day time out (that inadvertantly stretched to two days when I was delayed) because he posted the same abusive comment on 6 or 7 different threads. (I deleted all but one of them.)

3 - When I banned him, Amshi wasn't "defending his point of view." He was cursing me out - on multiple comment threads.

4 - I don't understand why so many people seem to think that a "liberal" is obligated and required to tolerate anything and everything. That's a big mistake on your part, not an inconsistancy on my part.