Monday, July 25, 2005

Things I Have Learned Today

Aha! It's all so clear to me now...

  1. DovBear does not hate me;

  2. DovBear does not think I'm a bad writer;

  3. DovBear thinks my blog has fallen into the dumps;

  4. DovBear doesn't know that we've just had our bathroom retiled and therefore could not shower at home all last week;

  5. I bug DovBear enough to make sure he has my email address;

  6. DovBear has pulled my FBI file;

  7. my fellow guest-bloggers did not speak with my elementary school classmates;

  8. I'm totally getting shafted the next time around;

  9. I totally should have won that spelling bee in eighth grade (P-H-A-R-Y-N-X); and

  10. DovBear knows I'm a self-promoting sucker.

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