Wednesday, July 20, 2005


As Shanna and Miriam have noted, I went after the wrong anglel on yesterday's breathless Time's story about frightening fruit stickers, and the lasered tatoos that will soon replace them. Sure, anyone who can't handle fruit stickers without getting them in his or her hair belongs on the closed ward of a mental hospital; and yes it would be a boon for bloggers to have access to a database full of stories about morons who think fruit stickers are the greatest threat facing the republic. But for Jews the real issue is kashrut. To wit:

1) Will some sort of die be introduced into the fruit, a die that might introduce a kashrus problem?

2) Will we be permitted to eat fruits on shabbos if it means disturbing the letters?

3) How much money does the OU stand to make now that they can legitimately tell people that fruits need a hechsher?

Mirty's two cents:

Ay ay, laddies, me thinks hidden treasure lies ahead!

What is it Captain? Buried gold?

No, laddies, better than that. More hechshers, now on FRUIT! We'll be making a pirate's booty for sure.