Thursday, July 21, 2005

All honor Hillary Clinton

Stop the presses: Democract Senator takes on immorality in video games - and wins!

(That sound you hear is Rich Santorum gnashing his pointy yellow teeth; or maybe it's James Dobson thrashing someone's puppy).

Money quote:
Sen. Hilary Rodham Clinton, D-New York, applauded the ratings change but said she remained disturbed the sex content appeared on store shelves in the first place. She has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and called on the Entertainment Software Rating Board to do more to police game content.

"Apparently the sexual material was embedded in the game. The company admitted that," Clinton said. "The fact remains that the company gamed the ratings system
Look at that GOP Jews. Two moral, religion and tradition respecting Democrats in one day. I guess its time to draft some new talking points, eh?