Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cool thing I learned today...

Do you know why ashkenazim(1) say Kabbalas Shabbas from the shulchan and not the amud(2)?

Apparently it's a silent protest. The ashkenazim move to the shulchan because they wish to make it clear that Kabbalas Shabbos (a prayer invented in the 16th century by the men of Sefad, men regarded as the patron angels of Hasidic style Judaism) is something added and not really part of the davening.

How cool is that? Evidence at this late day of an ashkenazic spine.

Your rout is not yet complete Hasidim!


(1) Those kofrim who rejected the Ari's authentic and glorious Torah-true Reformation.(a)

(2) The amud is the small lecturn in the front of the shul. Most all prayers are led from here. The shulchan is the table, or bima, in the middle of the shul from where the Torah is read.

(a) My snide way of referencing the customs which the Ari invented, customs that went againt normative Judaism, but now, bizarrely, are reckoned by Hasidim and the nitwits who love them to be the epitome of authentic Torah True Judaism. Whatever that is.