Monday, July 25, 2005

So THAT'S Why Radio Stinks (or Why I Love Eliot Spitzer)

Ever turn on the radio and wonder why the music coming out of the speakers is irredeemably bad? Is it your ears? Your speakers? Well, as reported here, New York AG Eliot Spitzer found out that you can get any old piece of crap on the radio. See, the trick is to pay the dj money. Even a walkman would do it, for goodness sake. Some emails discovered by Spitzer:
  • "We ordered a laptop for Donnie Michaels at WFLY in Albany. He has since moved to WHYI in Miami. We need to change the shipping address."
  • "Can you work with Donnie to see what kind of digital camera he wants us to order?"
  • "I am trying to buy a walkman for Toya Beasley at WRKS/NY.… Can PRS get it to me tomorrow by 3 p.m. … I really need to get the cd by then or I have to wait a week or two before she does her music again …"
  • "Gave a jessica trip to wkse to secure Jessica spins and switchfoot."
  • "Two weeks ago it cost us over 4000.00 to get Franz [Ferdinand] on WKSE."
So, as it turns out, money is a very good thing to have. Not only can it get your son the talmid of the week award, it can get your warblings in the shower played during the drive at five. What a country!!