Thursday, July 21, 2005

All honor Joe Leiberman

Stop the presses: Democract Senator demostrates fidelity to tradition and religion in public!

(That sound you hear is Rich Santorum gnashing his pointy yellow teeth; or maybe it's James Dobson thrashing someones child).

The Town Crier has the pics of the CT Senator sporting his shloshim beard on the floor of the US Senate.

TTC also links to a few newspaper articles which praise the senator, while also making comical misstatements about Jewish mourning rituals. Some of the howlers:

From The New Harven Register

1 - "The faith’s traditional law, in fact, calls for a full 11 months of mourning which, in the most strict observance, calls for the twice daily formation of a 10-man "minyan" and recitation of the traditional kaddish prayer."

2- "...sitting only on wooden stools, the legs of which have been sawed to well less than their intended length."

3. "Twice-daily recitations of the kaddish traditionally follow readings from the Torah."

From the Medil News Service

1. "When a family is “sitting shiva,” friends and neighbors show their support, often by delivering typical Jewish comfort foods--bagels, dried fruits and sweets."