Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Calculated Risks

I once promised myself I would never blog after midnight so I've got to get this post up quickly if it's going to get out at all.
It's about risks and reactions, specifically the risk DovBear took by leaving his blog in the hands of other bloggers/commentors while he was away.
Now, most of his choices were pretty conservative:
Shanna, all kegstanding aside is pretty grounded, same goes for myself, the always polite and rational Little Wolf, and Krum, who is posting some sharp and timely stuff, not unlike the blogowner himself.

And then there is Amshinover....

Oh Amshin how you keep us guessing. You know, Amshin is the kind of guy I'd love to have over for dinner, but not really the kind of guy I'd want to hand my housekeys over to if you know what I mean.... True, DovBear seems to have the ability to pop in and check on the blog now and then, so maybe choosing a wildcard like Amshinover wasn't such a risk, but Amshin was also not ready to edit himself or keep his posts pareve. I give the man credit, he was able to fit his two favorite topics into just one post - Misnagid bashing and the Holocaust- and he almost got away with it.

Maybe in 50 or 100 or 1000 years a person will be able to compare holocaust deniers with those who find the torah to be less than holy but for now it's too soon and too close to all of us.

DovBear, you played with fire and got burned. I respect your right to edit your blog any way you see fit and in fact I agree with you that this post had to go....
But honestly man, what WERE you thinking!?

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