Sunday, July 24, 2005

Krum writes...

UPDATE: After thinking it over and reading comments, I realize that it was certainly possible that Cross-Currents received the photo from some other source and rightfully posted it without attribution to Lamed or another website, in which case it was wrong for me to assume any wrongdoing on the part of Cross-Currents or its contributors. However, I am still left with the question of how Cross-Currents used a nearly identical headline as Lamed. Unfortunately, Cross-Currents does not publish the email addresses of its contributors and thus I have no way of determining the source of the picture. If anyone has R' Menken's email address or has any information regarding the source of the picture please let me know via comments or email. Thanks.

At DovBear we believe in unhappy coincidences, so we concede it's possible that Menken didn't swipe the picture. We add our apologies to Krum's, and pledge in the future to cause Menken grief only when he fully deserves it.