Tuesday, July 26, 2005


So if orange is the color of the anti-disengagement camp, and blue is the color of the anti-anti-disengagement camp (because I don't think "pro-disengagement" is the right term)...then what does that mean for Mets fans?

I understand the meaning behind the orange-and-blue ribbon that our BlogHost has on his sidebar, but I'm not sure I can get behind it. Just saying "I want all of Israel to be united" won't make it so. Having sympathy for the settlers while still asking them to leave won't give them their homes back. Blending the colors implies that blue-without-orange is "missing" something, that within the government there is no sympathy for the settlers.

Blue is "our color," or at least it was before it become the un-orange. Blue is cheesy Chanukah decorations in December. Blue is techelet. Blue is Israel. In choosing orange, the anti-disengagement camp set themselves against the blue. They chose agression instead of cooperation, separation instead of unity. "Jews dont expel Jews" has a much stronger message when we're all wearing the same color.

It's time to reclaim the blue.

(With credit to my husband for sparking this train of thought.)

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