Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why no tears for Ganim?

Why haven't we heard anything about Ganin? They are also being evacuated, also being asked to leave their homes, but here in Jewish, New York, all we hear about is Gaza and Gush Katif. No one says anything about the West Bank town of Ganin, a settlement also being evacuated this month. Why?

Is it because Ganim is secular? (probably) Or is it because unlike Gaza, where Jewish settlers are organizing mass protests and seeking to derail the withdrawal, the good people of Ganim are going quitely?

"We are not going to resist; we are people of the law," said Ari Achdari, 47, who has lived here 16 years.

Israel is already bracing for the tumult expected when Jewish settlers are uprooted from the Gaza Strip next month. The story is quite different in the quiet, pine-covered hills of this tiny settlement at the northern tip of the West Bank.

Ganim is the Jewish settlement that is evacuating itself.

"I moved here because the government said we should come, and I'm leaving because the government decided it is time to go," said Avner Sinvany, 60, who arrived at Ganim's founding in the early 1980's.
Kol hakovod people of Ganim! On this blog, at least, we honor your sacrifice and admire your acceptance of the rule of the law. May you know every good thing in your new homes, and may your sacrifice not have been in vain.