Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ok, kids, time to come inside...

Alan Scott strikes again:
Let's stop describing the disengagement at all as an "expulsion". Nobody is throwing the Yehudim of Gush Katif etc. out of their country. The Israeli government isn't making their country Judenrein and there are no laws designed with hatred of Jews in mind to KICK THEM OUT of it.

What is happening is the people of Gush Katif etc. are being BROUGHT BACK IN to the people of Israel, within our borders, from the untenable situation they had been living in. When your mother says it's getting dark and you need to come into the house for dinner because you can't stay outside on the playground, you're not being chased out of your home. You're being returned to your family. Even if you (for short-sighted misguided reasons) need to be brought back inside kicking and screaming and telling Mommy you hate her can't you just play outside a little more, it's still not an Expulsion. It's a Reunification. If the people of Gush Katif weren't our brothers and sisters, we'd leave them outside all night for Hamas and Islammic Jihad. But we care, so we're bringing them back.