Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why I don't read LGF

I am in a disagreement off blog with a good guy named Dave, regarding a blog called LGF. Hopefully, you've never heard of it.

Dave believes that LGF helps Israel by publicizing terror attacks and "highlight the plight of Israel and the Jews?" I disagree, and here's why: LGF's comment section has become a forum for nasty, fascist rascist people who use their comments to vent anger and insuit at Muslims and Arabs and anyone else they don't like.

When well-meaning people visit LGF, it's true they do see the blog's latest report on the latest terrorist atrocity, but they also see horrible and hateful comments directed at the whole of the Muslim world. As a result, many make the mistake of presuming that anyone who supports Israel is also horrible and hateful. I've seen it happen. Are Israel's interests really served by a blog that makes Israel's supporters look like monsters? They aren't monsters (obviously) but you wouldn't know it from reading LGF.

Moreover, LGF's comment section has given it a terrible reputation among the centrist and left-leaning blogs. Does that help Israel? The people who need to be convinced of the rightness of Israel's position are not LGF readers. LGF's regualr readers are the chior. They already support Israel. The people who need to be convinced that Israel's position is legitimate are reading the centrist and left leaning blogs and among those blogs the name LGF - and by association any cause it champions - is mud.