Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Here we go.....

Bush to announce Supreme Court pick:

President Bush has made his decision about whom he plans to nominate to take Sandra Day O'Connor's place on the Supreme Court and will announce his pick to the nation in a prime-time address tonight.

I know it will surprise my loyal readers to hear this, but I honestly hope the war president shows some moxie and chooses a wingnut. The reason is simple: If we want to destroy the GOP (which of course we do) by turning the entire country -including moderate, sensible Republicans like McCain, Whitman and Pataki- against the preachers, and the the god-drunk pig farmers, we must strike down Roe v. Wade.

Here's the DovBear dream scenario:

Bush introduces Elmer Gantry as the nominee.
+ 2 weeks: Confirmed, preferably with no opposing votes, so the rube gets overconfident.
+ 5 months: Court hears an abortion case
+ 8 months: Court strikes down Roe
+ 8 months and 2 seconds: Preachers and pig farmers begin agitating within their miserable little states for tough anti-abortion laws.
+ 8 months 5 seconds: Moderate voters within those cow-focused states are appalled
+9 months: Moderate Republicans, disgusted that their party is putting the preachers and their special interests above everything else, begin fleeing the GOP.

Not possible? I see you've forgotten about the moderate Democrats who, 20 years ago, ran to the GOP under simillar circumstances. Today, we call those moderate democrats "neo-cons."

It could happen again, and if Bunnypants gives us a wingnut (please) my five dollars says it will.