Friday, July 15, 2005

Heshy brings the pintel yid out of the closet.

Excerpted from a comment at Heshy's house:

...the reason I venture such a daring assay, given your previous feints at the women/liberals/“homos,” etc., is that I have my reasons for believing that all may not be exactly as it seems at Chez Heshy. I’ll just say that some of us are picking up the vibes you’re sending, my friend... I can't say that the lack of a Mrs. Heshy has escaped my attention, or the virile braggadoccio about your culinary skills, or the come-hither look as you position yourself among your flower garden like a rose awaiting the bumblebee...

I’ll be frank, Heshy: I want to come for Shabbos. I want to come all Shabbos, every Shabbos. I really, really do. I know it is forward of me, since we have not yet met face to face, but I feel like I already know you so well from your posts. And don’t be afraid of our passion, my dove.... I want to spend a lot of time just being held by you, walking home from the shteibel hand-in-hand, snuggling up by the warmth of the blech, "accidentally" brushing up against each other as we simultaneously reach for the pre-checked salads. Then perhaps we could sing some zemiros at the table, surrounded by the strayed yiddin that you have brought back to the path with your openness and insight, me looking at you with eyes that promise a just reward for the joy that you have brought to so many. HaMayvin Yavin, my friend.

Thank you for taking the first step by posting your cell phone number. I’ll be
calling soon.

That's Dash Riprock, and if there was a JIB for best comment, I'd say we have a winner.