Sunday, July 23, 2006


Did they say tehillim this weekend in the shteebles?

I've heard from several of you who daven with Hasidic Rabbis, and so far all of you are reporting that no special prayers have been said for Israel or the soldiers.

Note: As a rule, I don't make a big deal about tehillim. I mean, if you want something to happen, and you're looking for a supernatural solution, why not try davening? If you're worried about Israel, you shouldn't be adding tehillim, you should be showing up on time for services, and if you're a woman you should be adding shachris and mincha to your daily exertions. [More on this tomorrow.]

However, with all that said, I still think that tehillim are an effective litmus test. If your shul isn't offering special prayers for Ehud ben Malka, Eldad ben Tova and Gilad ben Aviva either your Rabbi doesn't believe that prayers work, or he thinks kidnapped Jews are not entitled to them.

By email, I've heard from "Hector" who says his Local Hasidic Rabbe did not permit his congregation to pray publicly for Israel on shabbos parshas Pinchas; however, by shabbos parshas Matos-Massai community presure had forced the man to alter his position, and tehillim (the last 30 perakim, ie, "tehillim l'yom hashabat" in fact.) were recited after davening. Also, a mee-shebayrach was said for the kidnapped soldiers.

That's one. Any others?

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