Thursday, July 06, 2006

Who is Rabbi Yehuda Levin?

Rabbi Levin is leading the effort to ban a Gay Pride event in Jerusalem. This has been commented on in this blog several times, most recently here.

I was unfamiliar with Rabbi Levin when he hit the media with this campaign, so in order to learn what he is about I started searching the internet. I found what looks like his internet site, On that I found essays claiming that hurricane Katrina was God's Judgment on a sin-loving America, blasting evolution, attacking Gays, criticizing activist judges, and calling for the withdrawal of the nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court. (It looks like Rabbi Levin hasn't had time to update his site lately.) None of these are things I particularly want to be associated with, but they all seem to be within the bounds of political discourse in today’s world (which is not a positive statement about the state of the world). But particularly offensive was this essay that essentially blames the victim in the stabbing incident that occurred in last year’s Gay Pride event in Jerusalem:

In addition, there are links to essays by the two most notorious and influential anti-Semites in America today: Robert Novak and Patrick Buchanan. Is Rabbi Levin so blinded by his fear of Gays that he must give kvod to such bigots? There are plenty of conservative pundits in America who aren't anti-Semites!

Rabbi Levin does not reflect my values.

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