Friday, July 14, 2006

Catholic Church on Hizbollah

The other day, my good friend Yitzchok Adlerstein delivered a heartfelt sermon about the wonderful Catholic Church and how it has changed for the better. Some highlights:

Many people believe... that the Church is monolithic, and forever incapable of change. They prefer to stew in their animus, rather than encourage and nurture real signs of contrition and mending ways. They are stuck in a freeze-frame mode of history, while others are willing to hit the play button...

There remain, no doubt, lots of antisemites within the Catholic Church. But there is also no church that took steps as strong and effective as the Catholic Church to distance itself from [anti-semitism]. [You] may cynically reject it as meaningless window-dressing. I don't."

Stirring words. And I may have been tempted to believe him, until today when the Catholic Church spit directly into his face, and the face of all Jews.

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