Friday, July 07, 2006

Is this what they mean by Jewbaiting?

Conneticut Jews are supporting Ned Lamont in his race for the Senate againt Joe Leiberman, and this makes John Droney, a Leiberman advisor, very unhappy. John doesn't like it when Jews think for themselves, I guess. He said:
"I find the behavior of a large segment of the Jewish community to be reprehensible and outrageous," said John Droney, a former chairman of the state party who is advising Lieberman to run as an independent. "When he's in trouble like this, they all ought to rally to him. It's too bad that you have to listen to an Irish-American to realize that you've got to support your own home cooking."
Interesting. So Joe's in trouble? It must be really bad at Leiberman Central if his aids are making those kind of admissions in public. But you know what I find reprehensible and outrageous? This outdated idea that Jews are supposed to march in lock-step support of any candidate who puts on a kipppa.

Look, I supported Joe when he ran for Veep, and I did my best to pound some sense into the snivling, un-American cowards who thought a Jewish Veep would be bad news for our community. But I never played the race card, and said that Joe deserved our support simply because he was Jewish. He deserved our support because he wasn't running alongside a Jesus-drunk moron with a fake Texas twang. Daniel Lapin is a Jew (he says) but I expect even John Droney would be preturbed if American Jewry were to rally around a Lapin candidacy for just about anything.

Finally, what's this Irish-American crap about home cooking? Do Pat Buchanan and Fat Willie "Jews like anal-sex" Donohue roll over for anyone named Kennedy? In fact, when I think about people like Pat and Willie, I sort of wish the English had taken Jonathan Swift's suggestion.

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