Monday, July 24, 2006

Two Weeks of the Times (cont.)

Some notes before I continue:

* I don't believe that the Times is anti-Israel, but I agree with those who say that a case for their being pro-Israel needs more evidence than two weeks worth of headlines, and front page photos. Of course. Likewise, the headlines and front page photos alone can't *prove* that the Times is anti-Israel. (You're welcome to click on the links provided for your convinience if you want to read the articles themselves.)

* So what am I doing? Documenting, satisfying my own curioisty, and attempting to provoke conversation, I suppose. I'd really like to hear from those of you who think these headlines and pictures represent bias- in either direction (I've already heard from people on the Arab side of the aisle who think the Times headlines favor Israel.) I think we can have an interesting give and take about the relative merits of these headlines and photo choices. One is already underway here.

* I am not prepared to comment on the reporting of any other station, magazine or newspaper. You're welcome to tell me what you've seen, either by email or in the threads, but I may not respond. Guest posts on the topic are welcome.

July 19
U.S. Seen Waiting to Act on Israeli Strikes in Lebanon
Photo: A solider and some people walking I can't tell if they are Israeli or Lebanese. (the caption is too small to read online, and I can't find the picture elswhere on the Times site)

July 20
Death Toll Rises in Mideast Fight; Bunker Bombed
Sub: Land Combat in Lebanon
Photo: Israeli soldiers hiking on a dusty trail

July 21
Marines Return to Beirut to Aid U.S. Evacuation
Sub: More clashes in Lebanon
Photo: A US soldier loading a transport ship. Caption: An American sailor prepared for the departure of American evacuees near Beirut Thursday. They were taken to a ship headed to Cyprus(top)
The Many hidden faces of Palestenian Militia Forces (bottom left)
In Tyre, the Dead Wait for the Bombings to End (bottom right)

July 22
Israeli Buildup at Lebanese Line as Fight Rages
Photo: Lebanese coffins lined up in front of numbers
Caption: Coffins bearing the names and bodies of 86 civilians are lined up for a mass grave in Tyre, Lebanon. They will be given proper burials later.

July 23
U.S. Plan Seeks to Wedge Syria From Iran
Photo: Burned out buildings along a coast
Caption: A deserted holiday resort near a burning fuel depot outside an electrical power plant in the town of Jieh, south of Beirut, after it was attacked twice by Israeli air strikes since the start of hostilities.

July 24
Israel Weighs Foreign Troops on Border
Photo/Caption: Victims of a missile outside the village of Tireh arrived at a hospital outside Tyre. (top)
Photo/Caption: A woman held a photograph of her brother, who was killed on Sunday by a rocket that hit Haifa. (bottom)

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