Monday, July 17, 2006

How can we help Israel?

Number 4(!) on Cross-Current's top ten: "Be in touch with local Christian leaders"

Hasn't anyone told the people of the cross that (a) the infalliable Vatican has already announced it's support for Hezbollah; and (b) the rapture-hungry evangelicals are activly cheering the violence and hoping that additional death and destruction will usher in the End of Days?

And even in this time of trouble the Judeo-Christian Blog can't resist a snide dig at other Jews: "There are a lot more Christians pushing for Israel right now than Jews."

BOTH tells us why
Of course there are! There are many more of them! Well over ninety-five percent of the US population is Gentile. And where the hell were they today? Why were there five times as many of the sonei-yisroel across the street from the consulate? Why weren't all those fine pro-Israel Christians standing with us? These are rhetorical questions, as I'm sure y'all realize.
A much better list can be found at the always genial Treppenwitz.

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