Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lebanon (at least its President) isn't innocent

There is a myth circulating around the world that Hezbollah are the bad guys, and that the rest of the Lebanese are peaceful bystanders. Getting in the way of this is the fact that Lebanon has been in a state of war with Israel since 1948 and refuses to negotiate a peace treaty.

An interview with Lebanon’s President, Emile Lahoud, should be further evidence against this conjecture

“Hezbollah enjoys utmost prestige in Lebanon, because it freed our country. All over the Arab world you hear: Hezbollah maintains Arab honor, and even though it (Hezbollah) is very small, it stands up to Israel. And of course Nasrallah has my respect.”

Right. Like Arafat respected Hamas. Lahoud is a terrorist in a suit.

“We have today around half a million Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, their birth rate is three times higher than the Lebanese. That is a time bomb. It is the basic problem of our country, it led to the outbreak of civil war in 1975 and still remains unsolved today. Everybody today is talking about UN resolution 1559, but nobody mentions resolution 194, which recognizes the Palestinians' right of return (to Israel). Lebanon is small and can't integrate the Palestinians.”

So Gen. Lahoud wants to solve Lebanon’s demographic problem by destroying Israel. This does slightly increase my sympathy for the Palestinians -- nobody wants them -- but it really shows that Lebanon has an evil regime.

Elsewhere in the interview he complains that Israel is attacking Lebanese Army positions. Given that Israel and Lebanon are in a state of war, and given the above statements from Lebanon’s President, I would think that Israel would be remiss in NOT attacking them.

(And this is the government that President Bush wants to preserve?)

Lets spread this around the pro-Israel internet community; maybe some of the mainstream media will pick it up.

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