Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Return of the link dump

Once upon a time, before Ezzie stole "check it out" from OrthoMom, and before HavelHavalim started cramming hundreds and thousands of links into each and every edition, there were DovBear link dumps: (Here's one, or two, and another from when I called it Link-O-Rama. Oh, what the hell: look at them all.)

I discontinued the feature for several reasons, chief among them was that I stopped caring. Also, it was hard to find a snarky remark for each link. Anyone can dump links. I wanted to adorn each one with an obnoxious and clever remark, too. (Ezzie and HH, I notice, skip this important step; no doubt this helps to explain their longevity.)

But so much for that.... here's some of what's been clogging up my in-box lately:

CWY declares war on Time Magazaine; oddly, he fails to recognize that a "real creepy [photo] of children dressed in fatigues saluting and pledging their commitment to martyrdom" might be construed, in some quarters, as a pro-Israel image.

The Village Voice declares war on Avrohom Mondrowitz, a Hasidic psychologist who's been indicted for molesting small boys.

Per kablogalah we see the war in Iraq is a fiasco.

Meanwhile, JewZoo interrupts his important Met-related research to mock both the president and the Lubovitch people.

Batel beshishim finds a ball-player named Gemarah and makes with the funny. Imagine what he could do to poor J.J. Putz.

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