Monday, July 24, 2006

RE: Solidarity Rally

Hi Dov Bear,

I went to the "Yes to Peace - No to Terror" Solidarity Rally held at the Jewish Free School today. There were 7,500 people (which is a lot for British Jews, considering our numbers). There were messages of support from the British Hindus and British Anglicans who said that they stood with the Jewish people and the people of Israel in their fight against terror.

There were various speakers, Zvi Heifetz the Israeli Ambassador, the head of the UJIA who said (quite correctly) that we are the true authentic voice of British Jewry (an attack on those who signed the anti-Israel ad in The Times a couple of weeks ago), and the Chief Rabbi who made a very emotional and inspiring speach. We had a live satelite link-up with the mayors of various Northern towns. I am sure you will be able to find various reports on various website - this is one of the first I have come across.It was all very moving and we were very proud of most of the Jewish community.

The one upsetting part, in my mind, was that apart from Chabad (who were there ostensibly to put Teffilin on people), the Chareidim werea lmost non-existant. Chareidim are usually quite noticable - but almost none could be spotted. A few of my friends there commented similarly.This on top of the fact that someone told me that in his Chareidi shul yesterday when he asked them to make a special mishaberach for the matzav in Israel they refused saying that it wasn't warranted.

I was hoping that, with your help, maybe some of your readers out there in the blogosphere could offer a suggestion as to why Chareidim feel that showing solidarity with their fellow Jews in Israel is not of particular importance to them. Any chance of a post on the subject?

Best regards
The Beadle

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