Tuesday, July 18, 2006

StepIma Explains


Every one of you who is saying "so what" [about the President's casual use of profanity] is misunderstanding the Christian take on the use of profanity.

The "true Christians" on the far right, the evangelicals whom Bush claims to be one of, don't have a concept of a 'casual' profanity... I can guarantee that they're up in arms over this one on their own blogs.

These are the people who have enough clout in this country that even with a free press, you can't get best-selling albums with parental advisory stickers at Wal-Mart, or NC-17 movies at Blockbuster Video. And most broadcast stations using the same "s-word" would be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of the stated "religious beliefs" of people who include President Bush. If you don't understand Christianity, and that the New Testament isn't the Torah (and the Gospels sure aren't halacha), you don't understand.


It's pointing out yet more hypocrisy from a man who is using religion as a cudgel. A leader who practices what he preaches is a leader whose integrity can be respected, or at least whose actions can be can be understood in perspective. When that's off the table - when Bush says "I do X (encourage this law, invade this country, oppose this scientific research) because I am a Christian," when you can see that he isn't - what are you expected to believe?

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