Thursday, July 20, 2006

Right and Wrong

There was an important error in the post which appears directly beneath this one.

It is not true that there were only two Arabs in the Knesset when it accepted Oslo 1 in September 1994. I've been able to confirm that there were at least 8 -- and, though I've found no reliable first hand information about how they voted, the conventional wisdom appears to be that all of them agreed with the Jewish legislators who also accepted the accords.

I've also managed to satisfy myself that the claim that "the majority of Jewish residents of Israel voted against Labor and against the ill-considered peace plan" is false. Israeli citizens- Jewish or not - were never given the opportunity to vote directly on Oslo, but various opinion polls show that a majority of Israelis supported the government's peace efforts. I am continuing to work through the data, and I hope to post links shortly. Meantime, you are welcome to see what Google brings you

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