Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another day, another stupid post from Cross Currents

As part of his reprehensible stereotyping of soccer teams on the basis of what their countries did during World War II, Yitzchak Alderstan commits a schoolboy howler of the first order:

The Italians were not particularly good at antisemitism

What follows is a short list of Italians who were anti-Semites par excellance:

Benito Mussolini He passed the first of a series of anti-Semitic laws on Sept. 2, 1938. The laws were fully in place on Nov. 17, 1938 and affected more than 48,000 people. They barred Jews from public life and subjected them to a wide range of humiliating restrictions and persecution. There was no protest or dissent from Italian non-Jews.

Pope Paul IV He publicly burnt the Talmud in Rome on Rosh Hashanah 1553, starting a wave of Talmud burning throughout Italy. About 12,000 copies were destroyed. Paul also said the Jews were condemend to eternal slavery, forced Jews to wear yellow hats, introduced the doctrine of racial purity to the church and brought the ghetto to Rome.

Pope Pius IX: Called us dogs, stole our children and forced our representatives to kiss his feet. Pius IX also rebuilt the ghetto walls.

Pope Pius XII: Said the Jews should be left the Jews to their fate in a letter he sent to Adolf Hitler when he was Vatican Secretary of State. Never protested any of Hitler's atrocities and sat silently when Jews were deported within sight of his own window. This same man spoke out loudly and clearly when Hitler targeted converted Jews, and he also excomunicated every single Communist in the world, while never excommunicating a single Nazi.

Furthermore, Italy is where the Juramentum Judaeorum originated, and where Jews were forced to debase themselves running naked through the street at Carnivale. It's where the yellow star was first used, and where the last ghetto stood. For more than 200 years, Italian Jews were made to listen to sermons every Saturday and Jewish children were routinely taken from their homes to be raised as Christians. In Rome, L'Osservatore Romano and Civiltà Cattolica published "scientific proof" that Jews needed to eat blood at Passover, and also regularly spread the slander of the world-controlling Jewish financier.

Italians weren't particularly good at anti-semitism? Good lord man. They practically invented it!!

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