Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Xenophobes or Missionaries? We Report, You Don't Know

Headline: Missionaries Accosted in Meah She´arim
(while missionizing)
Headline: Haredim assault Christian tourists

Today, either those nasty charedim (you know, those ultra-religious types) attacked a peaceful group of 50 Xian tourists who just happened to be wandering by, or a group of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men refused to stand by and watch a large group of Xian missionaries approach their children in the most strict orthodox Jewish religious neighborhood in the world.

So which is it? Well, depends on the news you read. What is not in dispute between the competing articles is this, a group of 50 Xian's with provocative Xian messages on their shirts walked straight in to the center of the most strict ultra-orthodox Jewish community that exists.

For those who have never been there, Meah She'arim is physically narrow and confusing, the community is extremely strict on appearance and custom (and all aspects of Judaism), and has very large signs on every neighborhood entrance and around the neighborhood (in 4 languages) warning visitors that community standards of modest dress and Jewish lifestyle should be strongly respected.

So while I don't know what actually happened, it's hard to end up where these 'tourists' were by accident, signs clearly warn about inappropriate dress not being acceptable there, and any person on entering will clearly know (from everyones appearence) that they've entered a unique area. I wouldn't stand by and let my children be missionized.

Another quality guest article by Akiva of Mystical Paths.

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