Monday, June 26, 2006

Adios Muchachos!

During the next several days, while I'm off on a vacation/secret mission, the blog is being left in the capable hands of a few friends and neighbors. The first crew starts this afternoon. Later in the week, we'll cycle in a new batch.

Please treat the substitute teachers exactly as you would treat me (ie: like a baby treats a diaper.)

If you're interested in subbing for me, please let me know by email. If you weren't asked to sub this time it's because of one of the following reasons (1) I hate you (2) I think you're a bad writer (3) You're too busy with your own blog (4) You smell (5) I don't have your email address (6) I don't know enough about you (7) The other bloggers think you're a dork (8) I'm planning to ask you next time (9)You can't spell (10) I didn't think you would do it. That said, there are a few spots left on the GBing team. If you've always dreamed of subbing for DovBear, by all means let me know.

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