Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Rascist State of Israel

As you've read on this blog before, the Jewish State has done some terrible, awful things...so let's continue on with that thread.

In addition to my esteemed colleage, Noyam's posting about Israel's arrogant refusal to accept degrees from Yeshiva College, here are a few more things to bash the Zionist State with:

Rascism Against Jews (Hebrew Speakers/Readers)

Energy drinks are an inseparable part of the night life scene. Red Bull, Tempo's XI, XL, and other similar drinks compete for the drinkers' pocket change. One very popular trend is to mix an energy drink with alcohol, so you not only get buzzed but also energized. However, not everything common is always recommended.

The XL energy drink, for example, imported by a company from Nazareth, has an explicit warning written on the can in English: "Do not mix with alcohol." However, the importing company didn't bother translating this bit of information to Hebrew, and the can lacks a warning for Israeli drinkers. (YNet)
Rascism Against Arabs (Arabic Speakers/Readers)

Ever notice that every bus in Israel has signs all over it in Hebrew and English, "Please Be Aware of Suspicious Objects"

Why isn't this important message in Arabic as well?

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