Sunday, June 11, 2006

Answering Chaim G, explaining myself

Chaim G. I've no problem with your judging others, I do have a problem with your A) For the most part failing to adhere to the rules of B'Tsedek Tishpot Ameesekha and B) [...] On second thought let me revise A) It's not that you don't adhere to the rules it's that you and I have radically different "judgments" on who falls under the rubric of Ameesekha. I still consider Chasidim to do so, you obviosly do not.

Look, Chaim G, some bloggers bend over backwards to give chareidm the benefit of the doubt, but go out of their way to murder irreligious Jews. I lean the other way, sure, but it's because I believe the irreligious Jews are entitled to tolerance and understanding from those of us on the right (for any number of reasons.)

If we don't show the Chasidim tolerance and understanding, perhaps they'll back away from some of their more insane, and less halachic positions. If we don't show the irreligious Jews tolerance and understanding, they are likely to back away from Judaism altogether.

Get it?

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