Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's a Challenge. An Ultimatum, Even!

Isaiah Thomas certainly has his failings (what? no!) and his share of failures (ok, maybe).

But say this about the man: he's got, uh... well, it's a family blog, but you get it. (And it would have made a great pun, too. Alas. I am a guest in someone else's house.)

"It's challenging," Thomas, the Knicks' president and coach, said Monday after his boss, James L. Dolan, declared Thomas had one year to save his job. "I don't think there's anybody else in the league or in sports probably working under this situation. However, that's how it is." (NYT)

Uh, which situation is that, Isaiah? Having a team full of me-first, shoot-only point guards? (I was a Knicks game last year, and at one point the players on the floor were Marbury, Francis, Nate Robinson, Jamal Crawford and Maurice Taylor. Four point guards and a forward. I swear I almost expected Jalen Rose to go out there for Taylor.) Or is it being so strangled by the salary cap that you have no flexibility at all? Of course, as a coach, you can only blame the GM who put this team together! (what's that? oh. right.)

Or is it that now you recognize that this team has no chance of being better next year (especially with you as the coach), and that it is absolutely UNFAIR that you have a one-year ultimatum to make the team better. If anyone knows that it can't be done, you do!

You're right, there is nobody else working under this situation. That's probably why you'll be looking for a job next May, and why you won't find one.


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