Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pious Pyros

Monsey students burn newspaper, ignore evacuation order

Once you're read the article, test your comprehension by taking the following quiz:

Why did the yeshiva boys burn Wednesday's edition of the New York Post?

(1) Because the terrible writing offended their sense of style and taste

(2) Because the Post is published by a hatemongering conservative who frequently supports policies that are antaganistic to the principles of liberty- the very same principles which make it possible for American Jews to live and practice their religion as they see fit.

(3) Because there were pictures of women wearing bathing suits on the front page.

When the Fire Department arrived, the yeshiva boys:

(1) Complied immidiately with the firefighter's orders.

(2) Apologized for setting the fire.

(3) Laughed.

Bonus question: Last winter, Eytan Kobre of Cross Currents made the following "argument":

A: The New York Times runs lots of underwear ads in the A-Section alongside serious news items.

B: A good newspaper (ie: one concerned with morals, the truth and so on) would never do such thing.


The Times is neither trustworthy nor moral.

Question: Does the appearance of three near-naked women on the cover of the New York Post discredit that paper as well, or does the fact that the Post is published by the same honorable Christian Gentleman who gave us Fox News and Bart Simpson forgive all sins?

[Hat-tip: Enigma4u]

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