Monday, June 26, 2006

One More Right Wing Wingnut

CWY commented, "Due to DB's quota system, there was only room for one right-wing wingnut. Oh well. Have fun, Nephtuli."

I take umbrage at that remark! I'll have you know when I started reading Mr. DovBear (I figure if you're borrowing a man's house, at least you can be respectful, well at least for the first day) I was a Registered Republican, a member of the Republican National Committee, a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, a member of Blogs for Bush and GOP Bloggers.

However, Mr. DovBear, along with some of the lovely commentors around here, successfully convinced me that our President is either incompetent, out for a series of narrowly focused personal interests, or both. I didn't need any convincing for Congress, as I've watched them plunder the cookie jar. Oh, as a side note I also think there's a reasonable possibility George Bush is Gog, as in Gog of Magog, but you have to read places like my blog and here to see that kind of stuff.

When Ken Mehlman, GOP Party Chairman, sent me a letter recently (ok, it did ask for a credit card number at the end), I sent him back one that said this:

Dear Mr. Mehlman,

I would glady support the RNC, if it actually supported anything remotely resembling Republican ideals. Fiscal conservatism, smaller government, national border control, nope. Supporting terrorists to placate oil regimes, yep? Let me know when the GOP rejoins the Republicans.

Update: If you were to ask me who to vote for, I certainly wouldn't recommend the Democrats except as a blocking/balancing force. The only way to keep these kids out of the cookie jar seems to be to balance the power so they can't actually get anything done unless they think it's important enough to compromise on a balanced position.

I'm charedi and I'm ok, and I want to stay that way, sound off, Akiva of Mystical Paths.

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