Friday, June 09, 2006

All depends on who is telling the story

KollelWife (who, to be fair, did concede at the top that her details might be wrong):
This past Thursday, a local frum homeowner who has a respected position in a local cheder noticed a large black man in his backyard. He went out to ask him what he was doing there. When he failed to get a satisfactory answer, and the guy didn't seem in a hurry to leave, he used his cellphone to snap a picture of the guy.

The guy, upset at being photographed, smacked the camera out of the homeowner's hand. The homeowner decided this guy was out of control. He pinned the guy down, and yelled for anyone to call the cops.

The cops came, but they arrested the homeowner for "Unlawful Restraint" of the tresspasser! And the tresspasser who turned out to be a minor was let go!!!

The local askanim who came to the police station could not get the guy out for 5 hours when he was finally released at midnight!!!

Can anyone fill in any details? What is going on with this? Anybody???
Asbury Park Press

Leaders from the Lakewood branch of the NAACP are calling for a "complete and proper" investigation into the alleged assault on 15-year-old Jamarr Dickerson by a 43-year-old man as the youth took a shortcut through an alley behind some houses near Lawrence Avenue on Wednesday night.


Dickerson said he was on his way to a friend's house, and from there was going to play basketball at the community center on Princeton Avenue and Fourth Street when a man told him he was on private property.

"I told him that there were no "No Trespassing' signs," Dickerson said. "He then tried to take my picture with his camera phone, and I put up my hand to block it."

He said a group of people then came out of a synagogue and held him down. Dickerson was later treated at Kimball Medical Center, Lakewood, for injuries, including a cut in back of his neck, in back of his shoulder, and some bruises. Dickerson said he also had a shoe print on his right arm.

Dickerson, who is black, also said the group uttered racial slurs against him, saying black people didn't belong on that side of town.

Sgt. John Stillwell of Lakewood police had said the incident started a few minutes past 8 p.m., when a 15-year-old boy was walking across a path in the 300 block of Lawrence Avenue. Stillwell said he did not know if the path was on private property.

However, the youth was soon surrounded by a group of men, and when Patrolman Jonathan Pederson arrived, he found Elchonon Zimmerman of Lawrence Avenue kneeling on the youth's back, Stillwell had said. Zimmerman was charged with simple assault and given a summons, Stillwell had said.

Now the kid is looking for an apology

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