Tuesday, June 27, 2006

News Flash: IDF Leaps in to Action!???

News Flash- Southern Israel, um, Palestine, um, Israel:

Israeli Defense Forces took the unprecidented action of delivering a sternly worded letter to Palestinian authorities, well, actually, to an Arab guy with a keffiah herding sheep who happened to be passing by (being that no authority could actually be found).

With the world news media in attendance, they then launched a successful attack on the undefended Palestinian tunnel which the Israelis have accused of being used in legitimate Palestine defense actions. After action reports state that this important Palestine construction project, funded by US Aid and the European Union International Assistance Institute, was completely destroyed.

In related news, Palestinian hospitality is on display with the reported hosting of now 2 Israeli's in separate luxurious locations.

(Via the Mystical Paths news network, Akiva reporting.)

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