Tuesday, December 13, 2005


'Bloggers should unite, just for this one evening, and purchase a couple of tables in honor of Steve [Brizel]. It's the least you could do for your most avid contributor."

As regular readers know, Steve Brizel is far from my most avid contributer. However he does stop by occasionally, to say mean things about modern Orthodox. Incongruently, he is being honored this winter by the OU, a modern Orthodox organization, and pal thinks we should do something nice.

I'm game. On Steve's big night, the least we can do is tell that we know what he and his wife look like. With a needer needer needer thrown in for good measure.

So, if you'd like to take part in Operation Embaress Steve Brizel you can do one of two things: Send me an email with your banking information, or buy a blogad from my site.

All money collected for the purpose of embaressing Steven Brizel will be used to purchase an advert in the dinner journal.