Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A DovBear Proposal

The chief complaint against me, as a blogger, is that I am insufficiently differential to the president. For example, many of you think it is perfectly ok for the president of the United States to operate outside of the law. "After all," says the typical Republican reader of DovBear, "He was anointed by God and is incapable of error."

Now, I admit this might not be the very best justification for the president's illegal activities. For all I know, there might be better ways to defend the president's right to do whatever the hell he wants to anybody who might be acquainted with somebody associated with terror. I just have not heard those arguments.

So in the interest of fair play, I present a DovBear proposal: If you think I've been unfair to the president, you are invited to ride to his rescue. Compose a guest post explaining why laws don't apply to presidents who aren't named Bill, and I will publish it.