Thursday, December 08, 2005


Before DovBear, before Godol Hador, before, even Hirhurim, there was MoChassid, the crotchety old-guy from Woodmere with a heart of gold.

Mo went away for a little while (some story about a new job) but now he's back with the tale of an infant he and his wife have been caring for since last summer.

Though I don't approve of retired bloggers returning from the dead (as with villians in slasher films, and aging rock bands it's usually wiser for worn-out bloggers to just rest on their legacies) I really am looking forward to reading the new incarnation of MoChassid. He's smart, and he knows how to write.

Also, I've fallen way behind on the latest gossip from Aish Kodesh and it's alot harder for me to work up the entuthsiasm to exercise when I'm not reading about old-man Mo and his biking adventures.