Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stop what you are doing...

....and read this. It's a marvelous essay by a man named Rosenberg about how kowtowing, spineless Jews are so greatful for Christian support for Israel, that they are willing to blindly accept any outrage and any insult. (We saw an example of that today on a thread below, when commenter CYA responded to the anti-Semitism of Tom Delay with a rousing, "Please Sir! May I have another!")

Rosenberg even has a name for these cowards. He calls them "Uncle Jakes." Which I suppose makes Toby Katz an "Aunt Jake."

[And as --- would say: BOO YA!]

[Related: Sultan Knish is well-known to readers of DovBear for his unapologetically stupid attempts to explain Katrina. Earlier this week, however, he said something smart and spot on about a particular Uncle Jake we've discussed before so in the interest of fair play click here]